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How to get the best results from CRM customization


CRM system is the establishment of a new “customer-centric” business model, and integrated with advanced IT and technology development system software, CRM system is a large number of excellent enterprise use of software. In order to get the best results in CRM customization, you need to find a good CRM system development company, the following is a must-know CRM system development company - Wukong CRM.

Wukong CRM is a famous open source CRM software developer, Wukong CRM has reached 2 million + downloads. Companies that use Wukong CRM include: Tencent, Evergrande, ZTZ ZTE, OPPO cell phones, Ctrip, China Heavy Duty, China COSCO and other famous Chinese companies, Wukong CRM significantly improve the efficiency of business operations.

Wukong CRM to solve the four “persistent problems” in customer management.

Symptom one: employee departures make the initial investment almost completely lost Sales department staff changes are a frequent occurrence, personnel leaving the company led to a huge waste of resources invested in the early stage, Wukong CRM help companies to establish a virtuous cycle, so that the company’s customers and potential customers even in the case of staff leaving the state of continuous development, so that companies do not lose these customers, to protect the progress of the enterprise’s subsequent development.

Symptom Two: Forgetting old customers, blindly looking for new customers Wukong CRM help sales staff to establish a scientific sales process to enhance the ability of sales staff to develop new customers, while safeguarding the effective development of new customers, the smooth maintenance of old customers continue to buy.

Symptom Three: Customer information confusion, business competitiveness is weak Traditional customer management, the management of customer information is relatively chaotic, and even most customer information is not comprehensive, lost serious, query is also very inconvenient. Through the use of Wukong CRM customer management system, the establishment of corporate customer database to enhance the long-term sales capacity of enterprises, the establishment of a positive cycle, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and improve corporate profits.

Symptom Four: poor software flexibility, development and upgrade difficult Many companies with CRM systems for a year or two without upgrades, some companies with CRM systems for years and decades without upgrades, the software basically lost flexibility and competitiveness, and the development of upgrades are more difficult, or even can not be upgraded, resulting in serious impediments to the later development of the enterprise. Wukong CRM will be upgraded monthly, the collection of advanced architecture, to protect companies using Wukong CRM system updates and iterations.

Wukong CRM system development company has 9 years of experience in CRM custom development, significantly improve the efficiency of business operations. Companies looking for a CRM system should sign up for a free trial of Wukong CRM.