Why we choose open source

Open source as a new trend, more and more companies in various industries
have realized its advantages. Meanwhile, the attitude of the public towards open source is changing positively.

As the first open source software provider in China, Wukong CRM
has witnessed a rapid growth of users in just a few years, providing support for Wukong CRM
and making it continue to iterate and update its code products.


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Internet Industry

For Tencent, conferences are the most effective way to work.

“Social networks change life”

Few companies can build close relationships with their customers like Tencent, the China’s largest social network company. Tencent’s diversified services include social contact, finance, entertainment and tools, and its 25 products, including QQ, WeChat and Tencent Games, allow tens of thousands of people at home and abroad to enjoy the convenient lifestyle brought by social networking.
In the process of developing various products, there are numerous meetings keeping operations organized and communicate with customers. "We want to ensure that all products are up-to-date and flexible, while remaining relevant to consumers." The CIO said. Wukong CRM networks meeting minutes, meeting tasks, and meeting content with the system to help departments share data and manage their products, and greatly improving operational efficiency in the company.
After initial success, Tencent Hopes to go to next level with Wukong CRM.

Internet Industry

Alibaba uses Wukong CRM to focus on its Eco-partners

The past 21 years, Alibaba has operated multiple businesses, in addition to obtaining support for operating its business ecosystem from the businesses and services of its affiliated companies. To be competitive in the new social, mobile world, Alibaba uses Wukong CRM to stay in touch with Eco-partners and have access to the business information around them.
“The world is in a paradigm shift today, and simply pushing the envelope is not enough to deal with this change.We can’t take Alibaba to the next level of growth if we don’t have a handle on what our employees and Eco-partners are thinking, Wukong CRM provides us with a sustainable way of working.”Jack Ma said, founder of Alibaba.
Alibaba keeps a close eye on its Eco-partners and tracks their acceptance of products from Alibaba’s industries. “With Wukong CRM, we can first qualify our Eco-partners at the initial stage and achieve sustainable win-win results later in the partnership.”


“With the help of Wukong CRM. we have built a comprehensive offline supplier management system to drive growth and improve the quality of management and supplier interactions at headquarters.”

Oppo better understands its offline suppliers with Wukong CRM

Shenzhen, China-based Oppo is a technology company focused on terminal products, software and internet services, with more than 400,000 sales outlets in over 40 countries and regions. Now, the company will adopts Wukong CRM to support the next phase of its business plan.
The road to success is not smooth, in August 2018, Oppo has completed negotiations with some core parts suppliers, planing to set up cell phone parts production lines in India. Oppo has always attached great importance to technological innovation, Until July 2016, Oppo patent application disclosure into the domestic local applicants ranking TOP 10 list, this time for Oppo for the 12th into this list.
As the company continues to grow, the huge offline suppliers have become an important and indispensable part of Oppo, so how to better manage offline suppliers?
Before Oppo enabled Wukong CRM platform, the supplier information was in charged by colleagues personally, and the company had limited access to the information, so when the purchasing staff resigned, there is a risk of divulging secrets. From this point forward, Oppo favored Wukong CRM’s supplier management interface which gave Oppo the flexibility it needed to create a dynamic solution thanks to the customizable options in its boards.
“It’s like you’ve just got a new phone in your hands. Every phone has the same basic modules built in, but once you start using the phone, it becomes unique because you download the apps you want. The customization function of Wukong CRM is the same for us, it gives us the greatest flexibility to meet our needs.” Oppo's management said.