Wukong CRM9.0 (New Version)
Official release
Free open source Wukong CRM facilitates the SMEs' informatization management.
  • High Standard & High Quality
    Advanced technology, simple interface, intuitive layout.
  • Transparent Technology
    Completely open technical code for users to download and further develop.
  • Open Source Community
    Users can communicate and submit their own code at any time in our growing community.
  • Permanent Free
    Free upgrade at least once a month for better quality and functionality.
Wukong CRM (SaaS)
No high investment on buying, building or maintaining infrastructure and applications.
  • Lower Cost
    Not need to download, to buy servers or maintenance.
  • Flexible Purchase
    Purchase according to your users and adjust anytime later.
  • Faster Solutions
    Customize your workflow with flexiable configuration and functions.
  • Better Service Support System
    24/7 after-sales service and constantly optimized system for you.
Mobile Office APP
Sync multi-end data to make work easy and convenient.
  • Mobile CRM
    Enter and check data at anywhere such as customers, opportunities, contracts, etc.; follow up sales process in time.
  • Mobile Approval
    Audit various approvals like leave, reimbursement, business trip, contract and finance, etc..
  • Mobile Punch
    Support mobile punch, time-clock & field work punch in/out.
  • Instant Messaging
    Support in-house instant messaging and create single or group chats.