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Wukong CRM - Multi-Language New Release


Wukong CRM-Multilingual is officially released, supporting more than a dozen languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish and French. Users can also configure their own system language, thus supporting multinational companies to manage their corporate sales process through Wukong CRM. Wukong’s multilingual system online can solve the problem of systematic process management for companies with global integration.

Over the past 10 years, Wukong CRM customers have gradually grown, from CCTV, Tencent Technology, OPPO, China Aerospace Information, Thousand Locations to Renda Corporation, Wukong CRM began to go out of the country and into the world. Multinational companies will encounter some problems due to language when using CRM systems. The multilingual version of Wukong CRM hopes to provide these companies with an excellent multilingual system.

The launch of the multilingual version of Wukong CRM supports Chinese companies that have overseas operations, have branches overseas, need to manage overseas teams and other companies seeking international growth, as well as international companies that have branches in China. At the same time, the multi-language version also changes the status quo of domestic enterprise management products for enterprises with insufficient ability to support international business, providing a better choice for enterprises.