SaaS (iCloud service)

No configuration required, just register and use

Effective leads, more sales

Integrating lead resources through multiple channels to increase your sales and associate more leads

The feature of data analysis could analyze the conversion rate of lead source visually

Wukong email function to carry out targeted email marketing

Call center to record every communication with customers

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Focus on key opportunities to drive growth

Check the status and value of the sales opportunities and forecast the sales completion

Identify bottlenecks in the sales process more straightforwardly through the sales funnel and find out potential growth opportunities.

Finely manage the tasks that need to be completed at each opportunity stage

Customize groups of merchants to configure the lead flow for different products

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The status of contracts and payments at real-time

Manage every step of financial process in CRM

Set up the payback schedule and every payment can be made on time and orderly

Financial management system seamlessly integrate with API

Customize the approval flow of contract and receivable anytime, anywhere

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Freedom to control your CRM via mobile app

Easy access to all data to effectively advance sales progress

View customer location check-in data records in real time in the app

Collaborate with your team at any time through the App

Multi-platform application: Windows, MAC client

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